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Hydrogen Therapy: How it Prevents Aging and Disease

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Publicado en Apr 28, 2017, 6 a.m.

Dr. Nick Delgado weighs in on the benefits of hydrogen therapy.

Mounting evidence suggests hydrogen therapy may just be the fountain of youth we have been searching for since the dawn of time. Hundreds of studies confirm it’s not only safe, it’s also highly effective for the treatment of numerous diseases, for enhancing energy and sports performance, and for the promotion of optimal health and longevity.

What It Is

Hydrogen therapy uses molecular hydrogen (H2), which is a naturally occurring molecule formed when two hydrogen atoms combine. Molecular hydrogen is the smallest element in the universe, and its tiny size allows it to quickly permeate and penetrate all of the body’s tissues, and cells.

Health and Longevity Applications:

Molecular hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant, that helps to defend cells and genes from damage and death caused by harmful free radicals. These properties, in combination with its anti-inflammatory properties help enhance longevity because aging is caused by tissue degeneration, oxidative stress and inflammation.

Disease Prevention
There are currently 150 different diseases in which molecular hydrogen appears to exert a beneficial effect. Some of the most common include: cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, diabetes, allergies, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, heart disease, and cancer.

H2 Safety

H2 is completely non-toxic and naturally produced in the body when intestinal bacteria breakdown dietary fibers. There are no adverse effects associated with H2, and when H2 is broken down, the byproduct is simply water (H20).

Who Can Use H2 Therapy

Since it has such a high safety-profile, and produces such a wide-range of positive health effects, virtually everyone can benefit from it. H2 is so safe, that scientists are currently studying it as a therapeutic aid for terminally ill patients, for pediatric purposes, for pregnant women, and even for fetuses and newborns.i ii

~Written by Nick Delgado, PhD, CHT

i http://www.goldjournal.net/article/S0090-4295(06)02152-2/abstract

ii https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24672775

Dr. Nick Delgado, PhD (www.delgadoprotocol.com) is a graduate of the University of Southern California (USC). He studied Physical Therapy at Rancho Los Amigo Hospital, Health Sciences at Loma Linda University, and Nutrition at CSLB. Dr. Delgado directed the Nathan Pritikin Plan, and is certified in NLP, Time Line, and Hypnotherapy. With an emphasis on optimal sports performance. Dr. Delgado broke the World Strength Endurance record, lifting 50,640 lbs in one hour, and led Team USA to a World Championship. He is a medical commentator in theWHN Forum

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